How to Spread Your Company Culture in Your Team

The goal of any business is to create its own corporate culture. With a strong company culture, instructions and motivation don’t have to come from the top down because each team member embodies the company’s core values.

A Clear and Well Defined Culture

First, you need to have a culture that is clearly defined so that your team members can understand it. You do this by identifying your values and finding ways to impart these values to your employees.

An example of a value might be an innovation mindset or a desire to create a sustainable business that’s good for the environment. An example of a value that relates more to your everyday business dealings is transparency. Values can be internal to the company and its employees, or external in how you deal with customers.

When formulating these values, choose those that are easy to understand and that anyone can get behind. Broadcast these values to your staff and customers (where appropriate) so that they’re obvious and easy to see.

Make It Fun

We learn best when we’re having fun. Since you want your employees to learn your company’s culture, make it a fun experience for them. If youโ€™re in a physical location, put things around the workplace that communicate your culture in an interesting way such as visuals or reminders. Create games and challenges for your team members to check their understanding and help them articulate your values.

For example, you could create a challenge for your team to choose images from the internet that they feel best represent your companyโ€™s values. Make it a pair or team activity to make it more fun for them. Hold a meeting where each pair or team shares and explains why they chose the image they chose.

Create Culture Champions

Creating “culture champions” in your business helps a great deal toward establishing and spreading your company culture. These are employees who are strong advocates for your culture. They understand it well and serve as role models for other employees.

For your culture champions, choose employees who you think already instinctively “get it.” Choose those who are good communicators and are the most enthusiastic. During your one-on-one coaching sessions with them, work on ways they can help further spread your company culture.

Reward and Recognize

Identify behaviors that show your employees are getting it and recognize and reward this behavior. This will help other employees better understand. Also, make sure that you eventually recognize everyone so no one feels left out.


Spreading your company culture and core values must be proactive. Don’t just put your values in a company manual and expect it to be enough. It is an essential part of building your team. Try to make every member of a team a culture champion.


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