Your People are Your Assets – Are you complying with the law?

At Project Reboot we are working with specialists to provide our clients with the best suited solution to their problems. And this time, we would like you to have a look at your people and the way you work with them – together with our specialist Martha Travis the People Innovator.

People at your Workplace

Over the past 12+ months there have been a raft of changes to the Fair Work Act via the Secure Jobs Better Pay Act and the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Act; plus (significant) increases to Award rates, superannuation guarantee; and new powers of the Human Rights Commission to investigate and resolve sex-based and sexual harassment claims. Therefore, a priority in 2024 is for all organisations to ensure compliance with these changes and in doing so, it is recommended that a thorough audit be conducted to review and enhance the entire people and payroll frameworks and processes.

People working in a team

People Review

As a starting point, you can complete the People Review Checklist, supplied by Martha Travis People Innovators (MTPI), an outsourced HR services provider. By doing so, you can gain an understanding of the potential gaps and actions required to be compliant.

Why a People Review Checklist

So, whether you are a well-established organisation with in-house HR support, or a SMB with room to grow, this checklist will help you (and MTPI) assess where you are at. This is a complimentary and obligation-free questionnaire, however, the team at MTPI will contact you to discuss how they might be able to assist you.

What comes next

Once an initial review has been completed, MTPI would then commence a deep dive into the details of your employment agreements, policies, processes, and payroll transactions to check that everything is tickety-boo. If there are improvement opportunities, they will provide you with a recommendations report that you can either action yourself, or seek their support to address.


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Your people are your assets. As Sir Richard Branson once said along the line of treat your employees well and your business will florish. Some legislation does assist you with that and it is up to the business owner to ensure their business is compliant with legislation.
Book a Business Check-Up with one of our Business Advisors to see where we can assist you in becoming compliant and at the same time a growing successful business without breaking the bank.