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We have a few timeslots open each month for struggling business owners to get free advice by experts on business issues. Take advantage of Project Reboot giving back to the business community in its quest to stop small businesses from failing in their endeavours. 

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Free Advice for Small Business Owners

With our free advice, we want to stop Small Businesses from failing within their first 3-5 years.

Small Businesses make up 97% of all Australian companies. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60% cease to operate within their first three years of starting.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission published a report for 2011-2012 that found 44 % of businesses closed down because of poor strategic management, 40% had issues with cash flow with a major part managing their finances poorly, and 33% suffered from trading losses.

Various accountancy and advisory companies named the following

Root Causes for Business Failures:

If you feel that your business hase symptoms related any of the above, then let’s have a chat.

  • We will discuss your current situation and what roadblocks are in your way.
  • We will find out where you would like to be and get crystal clear on your vision, your why and give you a powerful new strategy for success.

And that is all included in our free advice – how good is that?


In case we at Project Reboot do not have the right advice on the spot, we can connect you with the right expert for your business needs through our network of specialists, a network of experts who have been there, done that.


We think, running a business can be very overwhelming for a one-man-band. By giving free advice in our initial discovery session to you, we can help you becoming the artist that masters running his business by implementing:

  • the RIGHT strategies,
  • using the RIGHT processes,
  • the RIGHT tools,
  • has the RIGHT mindset,
  • the RIGHT management style,
  • and much more.

A business following its vision, and being executed well will last longer than just three year, will be successful and grow above average.

Here’s what we are going to do:

  • We will have a look at where you are at to see if we can work out some easy and quick wins that could make a big difference for your business and bottom line.
  • By the end of the session, you will leave with clarity on where you are heading, what to do next, and what the chances are for you to make your good business a better and more successful one – without back-braking efforts that would jeopardise your well-being.

We want to set your business on fire without burning down your life!

Obligation Free

The first 30 Minute session is free. So, better book it now!

The good thing is our free advice is also free of any further obligations. If you don’t want to proceed, no questions asked by us, no hard feelings. Simple!

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It’s free advice with high value. There’s nothing for you to lose. It only takes half an hour.
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If you're a business owner and feel that things could be going a bit better, talk to us!

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