Client Reviews


Bodo and his team have been helping people and corporations for years. Here's some great reviews and testimonials from very happy clients.

I needed help with Project Management and my business. Bodo helped me to build a functioning business strategy, link it to executable action plans so that I felt more prepared to grow my business.

We used Project Reboot's (newly created) PLAN.DO.LIVE blueprint and I have been able with Bodo's great guidance to successfully create a Work-Life Balance, that I always wanted.

When I started working with Bodo, I felt straight away that I was on the right path. His tools and techniques are universal and unique at the same time. He took the pain out of starting and continuing to do whatever is needed to get me going. I was kind of a procrastinator before. With Bodo's guidance, my time management and execution skills have improved, so that I now lead my business by example. Bodo has a fun way to deal with serious matters and eased my mind about potential pitfalls when implementing strategies and executing projects.

He taught me everything I needed to know and to apply about Project Risk Management and worked with me to reboot my mind with regards to my emotions and challenges on actioning my plans. I really liked the way he combines the technical skills with the emotional side of things.

I can now navigate my business confidently thanks to Bodo and Project Reboot. I now have all the tools and techniques available to stop perceived obstacles from taking over, to execute any project I am working on, and to sleep better at night.

Bodo's PLAN.DO.LIVE blueprint works for me very well. I can highly recommend it.

Thank you Bodo.
Omozua Ameze Isiramen
Over the years I have known and worked with Bodo in various projects and organisations. Bodo has a very comprehensive understanding of portfolio/program/project management.

In my interaction with Bodo, he has always been generous in sharing his project skills, knowledge and experience and is always keen and open to mentoring others.

Most of all he is fun to work and is always ready to share his endless string of jokes.
John Bong
Project Manager at Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, Western Australia
I have had the privilege of working with Bodo Frost across a variety of industries and professions. He is a hardworking Manager who focuses on his people.

Bodo’s expertise within the project management, business analysis and development space allows him to work closely with his team to achieve outstanding results.
Lainey Murphy
Director at Cathara Consulting
Bodo has been a great asset and fantastic colleague to work with. Bodo’s depth of knowledge and expertise has been invaluable, and was a key contributor to the success of one of our major projects executed within Customer Fleet.

During Bodo's time at ECU, I've also seen the Program Management Office transform from an internally siloed department, to a functional and valued office with the organisation.

It’s been great working with Bodo and I would happily work with him again
John Walczak
APAC Support Team Lead at Spok