It is your constant progress to bring your vision to life by guiding you every step of the way and celebrating your success. We PLAN together, DO take action, and you can LIVE your dream.

Coaching grows a person from the inside out. Coaching helps you set goals that match your highest potential, create a realistic plan to achieve those goals, discover then eliminate, how to sabotage your own business and finally holds you accountable for achieving those goals within a specific period. Coaching teaches you how to find the answers within yourself. While your coach may offer you insight and advice, the primary purpose of coaching is to unshackle you so you can truly learn how to create the business of your dreams.

Consulting brings the consultant’s expertise to the mix. The consultant offers information, technical advice or opinions. They are relied on to understand the problem, present solutions, and training. Our Done-For-You options are typical consulting activities. You ask us to sort out an issue and the problem is getting solved.

You will need a business consultant if you want:

  • To understand the basics of business planning and project management
  • To learn business and project management skills
  • To find ways to keep track of and follow up on your business success
  • To uncover and solve problem areas you either can’t see or don’t have time to find
  • To have someone manage and deliver projects for you

You will need a business coach if you want help:

  • To prioritize goals and tasks
  • To be accountable for following through tasks
  • To organize your thoughts
  • To understand how you have been sabotaging your efforts (and how to eliminate those traits)
  • To prioritise tasks and push through even when the going gets tough

The only trait in common they seem to have is their understanding they can do better and the desire to change their lives for the better. People will come from all walks of life. According to a ICF study that shows 86% of participants who hire a coach believe they have at least repaid their investment, if not more.

The duration of a coaching partnership depends on the needs and preferences of the client, including the type of goals planned, the speed with which the client takes action, the frequency of coaching meetings, etc., and the financial resources available to support coaching. Our experience shows that some people are achieving their goals within the first 30 days, others in 12 or even 18 months. It depends on what the client puts in. We are here to help – and if you are serious about having more, doing more, becoming better, then you will have the passion and motivation to push through with us.

You can certainly achieve many goals on your own, but with a business coach, you will be able to achieve the bigger things, set those big audacious goals, plan for success more thoroughly and get results faster. The most valuable components of the coaching process are 

  • Commitment
  • Accountability, and
  • Follow-through.

These components are included in our coaching process, and that is why people who work with a business coach make much more progress than working alone. 

Your business coach also gives you access to a set of tools, techniques, and processes that are proven to work, and you benefit from being exposed to a different perspective that challenges your approach and provides you with new ideas. Athletes and CEOs seek coaches as they know that they can not make it to the top by themselves. They understand the value of a trained professional who helps them identify the best direction and provides them unbiased support and unparalleled feedback. Have you ever heard of athletes going to the Olympics without a coach? Have you heard of football players going to games without a coach? If you want to reach the top, shouldn’t you get the same advantage?

Yes. We conduct all business coaching online and our eBooks and courses are available to anyone with an internet connection. Consulting is done face-to-face so is restricted mainly to the Perth Metro area (though we’re open to travel!).

Our clients range from people in owner operated businesses over small to medium businesses and some in large multinational corporations. Our business coaching work is mostly conducted with small business owners (turnover < $10M) in various industry sectors such as Finance, Information Technology, Public Authorities, Natural Resources, Manufacturing, Automotive and more.

We do not offer refunds on workshops, business coaching or consulting. Some eBooks and online courses do have a refund policy. Please check each product carefully prior to purchasing.

Fill in your details in the Contact Us page or book an appointment with Bodo online – he has got free Discovery Discussion session available. The best way is by emailing our friendly team at enquiry@projectreboot.com.au. This email is manned by our amazing Virtual Assistant and will be responded to (usually) within 48 hours.