Lord Mayor Michael Behrens reboots projects

On our recent visit to Germany, Hovelhof’s Lord Mayor Michael Behrens surprised Bodo by asking him to speak at the opening of the newly redeveloped town center ‘Henkenplatz’, where Bodo attended as spectator only. Michael Behrens spotted Bodo amongst the crowd and welcomed him back to his hometown, where the Business Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur grew up for 38 years.

Henkenplatz Bodo and M Behrens

After his impromptu speech, Bodo was invited by the Lord Mayer for a visit at Town Hall.

A few days later finding a suitable spot in the Lord Mayor’s busy schedule, Bodo met the Hon. Michael Behrens at Town Hall and discussed general topics on town planning, stakeholder engagement, future initiatives and the common perceptions and perhaps misconceptions of the daily life as a Lord Mayor.

Following a chat about life in Australia and how that compared to life in Germany and his hometown Hovelhof, Bodo and the Lord Mayor exchanged numerous tips on how to improve wellbeing, motivation and performance of the city’s administration staff. They also discussed, how the Loard Mayor could reduce stress levels, as he usually gets confronted with numerous items, that most of the times he has no control over. Coincidently, these and more topics are handled in Bodos latest book.

book presentation
Your Action Plan by B. Frost will reboot the thinking of Lord Mayor M. Behrens

The Lord Mayor was very appreciative, when Bodo presented him with his book “Your Action Plan – How to create a successful Work-Life Balance” for his perusal. The Hon. Lord Mayor Michael Behrens promised to apply the learnings from the book and the discussion Bodo and him had.

To find out more about the Action Plan, and how to create a successful Work-Life Balance, please contact us, or simply purchase the book in our shop, or on Amazon.