Winner of the Home-Based Business Award 2023

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Business Awards are a great  reward for achievements that small businesses work towards each and every year. And this time, finally, after a few times being recognised as a Finalist in these awards, we at Project Reboot have won an award in the category of Home-Based Business in 2023.

In front of an audience of over 400 attendees, Project Reboot was one of the many Western Australian small business winners in the 30th Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards 2023. Evidently, the ‘Night of Stars‘ was held on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 in the grand ballroom of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Delegates from local and state government particularly joined the celebration of excellence in business and community achievements.

Sponsored by APM, the world’s largest human services organisation, Matthew Kershaw, Senior Consultant for APM Self Employment Assistance presented the Best Home-Based Business Award for 2023 to Bodo Frost, Founder and Director of Project Reboot.

Home Based Business Award - Matthew Kershaw, APM & Bodo Frost, Project Reboot

Bodo Frost in an interview post the award ceremony said: “We would like to thank the sponsor APM, the City of Belmont, the Belmont BEC and especially Carol Hanlon, who has been organising this special event for us small businesses for the past 30 years. Surely, it is an honour for us to receive this award. We did not expect this at all. Therefore, it comes as a surprise – and unquestionably, it validates the hard work the team puts in and the results our clients get through us.”

Special Thanks

“Special thanks to my family, and, above all, to my loving spouse Monalisa; as much as I enjoy being on stage to receive the award, as I have always said, without all their help this award tonight would not be possible. This certainly is a wonderful achievement that is wholeheartedly dedicated to my team and every small business owner. In three words, one thing I’d like to tell all business owners: Never give up – recognition of your hard work doesn’t come in an instant. Keep going!”

Awards Night Image Gallery

The following images were taken on the night of the awards. Enjoy the great vibes we felt on the night. 

With special thanks to the following organisations:

APM – Sponsor of the Home Based Business Award

City of Belmont – Sponsor of the Small Business Awards

Belmont BEC – the one and only organisation capable of pulling off such a great event and recognising small businesses across Western Australia


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