nifnex Festival of Business Learning

We are proud to have participated as presenter at the 2019 nifnex Festival of Business Learning, which was held at the Integrity Business Centre in Osborne Park.

The first presentation was about Business Strategy. Attendees learned about the essentials of business strategies. In the second half of the workshop all attendees worked on a Strategy on a Page, a simple way of creating a roadmap towards your success.

One Pager Strategy


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Two days later we held our second workshop, which went a bit more personal – How to beat procrastination. Attendees learned what procrastination is, where it comes from, what effects it can have on life and health, what research found and what to do to overcome procrastination.

All attendees were given a few tools to work with, that will help them to get on the path of success. We all left the room with a fresh mindset, where the inner self confidently says to each and everyone of us: I CAN DO IT NOW!

Business Strategy workshop
Strategic & Inspired – Photo taken after the workshop.

Our presenter, Bodo Frost, received very positive feedback from everyone who attended.

If you would like to know how to easily build a One Pager Strategy, or how to be more productive, please contact us. We are happy to discuss how you can join us on an enjoyable journey to success. Don’t wait! Reboot Now!