EBook “Your Action Plan” is now available at Amazon

We are proud to announce that our latest book “Your Action Plan – How to create a successful Work-Life Balance” is now available as an eBook for Kindle on Amazon.
Find the book here: Your Action Plan on Amazon.

Kindle Cover Your Action Plan

Book summary

  • Some say, when you are at work, you don’t have a life.
  • Some think, they need to work hard so they can have a life.
  • Others say life can only happen when you retire.

Are they all wrong?

There should be a balance between work and life.

People go to work for a certain amount of hours, then they go home to have a bit of family life, followed by resting time. For many people nowadays the amount of working time is way out of balance. They take work home to be completed during leisure and family time. This brings a lot of dissonances into peoples lives.


We have all experienced procrastination – some more than others. And there are the chronic procrastinators who avoid any difficult task at hand and deliberately look for distractions. The effect is people spend too much time at work; they neglect their family and friends, get frustrated over time, and perhaps go into a downward spiral that completely destroys their lives.
The reason for the existence of this book is to answer one question: How can the author make it happen that you keep on track in creating your work-life balance by beating procrastination?
Learn about where procrastination comes from, what you can do to stop it, and bring your balance back between work and life.

This book is for those people who are fully dedicated to life and success; who are completely eager to do the simple actions in this book; who know that change requires some action and practice.

It is not hard to do

Are you already saying that it is not easy to achieve a successful work-life balance and beat procrastination?
This book will show you here and now, that it is utterly simple. It comprises of 3 simple principles and an action plan using simple steps and questions to

  • Activate your brain and condition you to perform actions;
  • Bring you from your current state to your future state; and
  • Becoming this utterly confident and successful person.

This book will guide you to go through your current state, find limiting beliefs that hold you back, and then forge new habits by implementing simple actions.

Step by step, you will achieve your goals, and gradually you will feel the successes. This book will let you transform yourself into that future successful you.


Accompanied by a workbook, you will be able to form new habits that lead you to become that successful person, who will be envied by so many people around you.

By following this books and using the tools, you will be empowered to become that successful manager, who works as much as necessary and spends as much time as possible with family and friends.

In Summary

Your Action Plan for creating a successful Work-Life Balance is a Symphony of Instruments and activity sheets that drums up your plan to play in tune for becoming a Rock-Star in your professional and private life in sync. The reader follows a few simple steps from this book using its accompanying workbook, and is well on her or his way to become the envy of their peers.

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