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Exciting news! Got 45 minutes?

Time and ScheduleWe have just added a new service to our portfolio! And it only takes 45 minutes for you to work on your business, not in your business.

Most business owners love to make more money, generate more revenue. For that, they must start planning strategies. Most of the time business owners and teams will spend many hours, even days and weeks for those planning sessions. And throughout the planning sessions, most people loose focus, get overwhelmed, and so forth. As a result, the planning outcome is going to be another plan for the shelf.

We are going to change that! Because we have access to a proprietary software, that does the initial planning and crunching figures in 45 minutes with you and for you!

Dramatic increase in business outcomes – guaranteed in 45 minutes!

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This initiative is for small to medium business owners, who are interested in seeing dramatic and immediated increases in leads, sales and revenue. We can show you where to find a minimum of $30,000 to $100,000 in additional revenue for your business in less than 45 minutes – without spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

The software we are using will crunch your numbers and answers through 497 million – YES! MILLION – algorithms, so the prediction of your new revenue and profit generated through chosen initiaitves is spot on.

After our 45 minute session, we will send you a comprehensive 17 pages report with the strategies to implement to get you that dramatic increase of outcomes. You want a roadmap on what to implement when? No problem. That’s all included.

Grant to cover cost for a limited time and number

This business assessment is valued at $997.

The pandemic has affected many small business owners, and we anticipate that a large number are most likely not able to afford this fee. We have researched and found a special Small Business Breakthrough Recovery Grant helping small business owners to get back on their feet and recover the lost revenue from the pandemic. This is totally exciting! Thanks to the Small Business Breakthrough Magazine and the team behind this opportunity.

With this special grant from the Small Business Breakthrough Magazine we have got, 10 business owners per month are going to get the assessment and the 17-page-report with actionable items for FREE.

You Must Act Now

target iconGet it done while the 45 minute grant is still up.

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We don’t know when they are going to close that grant. So, you better get in early!