Work Life Balance – Weekend Retreat


3 Day Workshop – Dates TBA

20 positions available only.



Learn tools and techniques to PLAN and design your professional and personal life, how to take action and execute your plans (DO) and what strategies and techniques to use to LIVE in ‘emotional’ harmony with your business and your personal / private life.


Face-to-face, located in a resort in Perth metro area


3 days


Strategic Planning comprising of Values, Vision, Mission, Targets, Goals. Annual Plan, Quarterly / Weekly Plan

Goal Setting for business and personal life

Task Optimiser Tool for busy businesspeople

Principles of Project Management

Pragmatic Risk Management to bust fears

Issues Resolution strategies and how to deal with setbacks and stress

Understanding Emotions and Rebooting Your Thinking

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Resolving Conflicts

Values Driven Leadership

Pragmatic Time Management

Focus Booster tool and Smart Prioritisation beating Procrastination

Strategies to create a Positive Mindset and build healthy habits


My book “Your Action Plan: How to build a successful Work-Life Balance” including full workbook (published on Amazon)

90-Day Action Challenge with Accountability Buddy-System

For anyone who wants change in their life and want to live in a harmonious work-life balance.