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Team Building Workshop


1 Day Corporate Team Workshop

For groups of up to 20 people

Only for groups from one organisation

Price per group workshop




Workshop Description

The Team Building course is designed to improve team performance, raise moral and create highly motivated staff members. Managing a cohesive, happy and high-performing team will help you consistently achieve your organisation’s required goals.

A truly effective workplace successfully embraces creativity, innovation and rapport within a team of individuals.

The psychology behind team building is quite simple and, once managers understand the positive impact such events have on their employees, many will see a tangible improvement in workplace productivity. This workshop aims to encourage employees to take pride in being part of a group of individuals, all with similar goals, giving them tools and techniques to improve interpersonal communication.

Exercises focused on having fun and learning about the team and its dynamics and learning the art of good problem solving skills within a group are key to building a highly successful team – as people learn faster when they are having fun. Therefore Project Reboot’s team Building workshop will help creating positive steps to create the best team culture for your corporate group.


By Request – Face-to-face, Perth Metro Area


1 day / 9AM – 5PM


Module 1:

Organisational Values


Team Functions

Module 2:

Team Dynamics

Stages of Team Development – Part 1



Module 3:

Stages of Team Development – Part 2

Giving Feedback


Team Roles

Who is this course for:

Organisations who want to increase productivity with their teams

Newly formed teams

Teams that seem to be stuck in a rut

Project teams

Who is this course not for:

One-person teams

Managers and team leads only

Teams up to 4 people, we suggest a different approach (please contact us)

What you will learn:

Our Team Building workshop is designed to help team members improve in the following areas:

Team communication and information flow

Team member relationships

Cohesiveness and unity

Trust and respect among team members

Goal and direction clarity

Processes and systems

Coordination of tasks and responsibilities

Team culture and community

Accountability and measurement

Problem-solving and decision-making

Efficiency and focus


Even though our Team Building Workshop is customised for each organisation, the outcomes are similar:

Understanding what makes a high performing team

Understanding team dynamics

Understanding what strengths can be built upon and leveraged

Applying techniques to communicate better

Understanding stages of team development

Applying techniques for giving feedback

Understanding roles of each person in teams