Strategic Business Planning Made Simple


1 Hour Sessions

Face-to-Face in Perth Metro

$227 each session



Workshop Description

Establish a One-Pager Strategic Business Plan with clarity on the What, Why, When, Who and How of the business’ roadmap

Develop a simple Annual Plan with quarterly milestones for selected focus areas

Devise weekly action plans for the next quarter


Face-to-face, Perth Metro area only.

(for all locations outside the Perth Metro area, please select our Online version of Strategic Business Planning Made Simple)


Up to four 1-hour planning sessions ($227.00 each session)


Using Project Reboot’s tool ‘One-Pager Strategic Business Plan’ workshopping a strategic business plan with the business owner, organisational manager, team lead, school principal, etc., to obtain clarity on the overall roadmap and direction.

Subsequent workshops to identify quarterly milestones for initiatives within selected focus areas, followed by detailing those milestones into weekly action plans.

Strategic Business Plan and its activities include focus areas that align to the 3 step concept of PLAN.DO.LIVE.

1st session: Clarity on Values, Vision, Targets, Goals, Focus Areas and KPIs

2nd session: Build Annual Plan with quarterly milestones

3rd session: Plan actions for the next quarter on focus areas based on the milestones and initiatives of the annual plan

4th session (optional): buffer session to complete outstanding items from the first three sessions.

Who’s It For:

Owner operators, business owners, Company Directors and Executives who want to improve the way they are working, who want to get clarity on where their business or organisation is going, who want to set goals and devise an action plan.