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Goal Setting – Online


Half day Online Workshop

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Workshop Description

Goal setting for some is part of their personal planning process. Goal setting in general helps people to identify what they want to achieve in their professional and/or personal life.

Aspirations or dreams are ineffective means to achieving targets as opposed to goals. In order to be able to achieve personal or professional targets, your dreams and aspirations, it is important to set effective and meaningful goals.

Attendees will learn to develop the necessary goal setting skills for overall development.


Zoom / Microsoft Teams


Half Day Online Workshop


Goals and Dreams

Importance of setting goals


Create Highly Charged Goals

Goal Anchors

Meaningful Goals

Establish a deadline for your goals

Who is this course for:

If you are looking for improving your skills in goal setting, this course is for you.

If you have struggled to achieve your New Years Resolutions, this course is for you.

If you want to have more, do more and be more, this course is for you.

Ideal audience: Employees, Supervisors, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Senior Managers, Executives, CEOs, Business Owners

Who is this course not for:

People who just want to take some time out for a fun one-day workshop and not participate

Highly effective people who have too much time at their hands

People who know it all and already have achieved everything in life


What you will learn:

The difference between dreams and goals

Why it is important to set goals

Tools and techniques to setting SMART and meaningful goals

Next steps to achieving your goals


Learning Outcomes:

Understand the meaning and importance of setting goals

Understand and define SMART goals

Plan personal and professional goals

Create highly charged goals

Why establishing meaningful goals with a deadline (psychology of goal setting)

Rewards and success of goal setting and goal achievement