The Importance of Saying “Thank You” in Your Customer Service

Say Thank You

You learned something extremely important when you were a child that is essential to your business today – saying “thank you.”
The power of saying thank you is undeniable. Study after study shows that thanking your customers regularly and sincerely goes a long way towards building long-term relationships. Here are some tips to make your “thanks” really count.

Be Specific

When you thank your customer, make it as specific as possible. A generic “thank you” might do just fine, but a message that’s specific works much more effectively. Tell them what you’re thanking them for and what it means to you. Show them how they’ve helped you.

Make It Personal

Use the customer’s name and make the message as personal as possible. Include any personal details that show that you know the customer and understand them. Avoid using a template or automated message. If possible, write the note by hand rather than sending an email or private message on social media.

Integrate “Thank You” into the Sales Process

There are certain key times when it’s best to say thank you, such as after a purchase, when a customer subscribes to your newsletter, when you get a referral, and so on. Choose the times that are most important to your organization and make it a regular part of your process at that time.

Show Your Appreciation with a Gift

For an even more impactful “thank you,” offer a simple gift. This can be a discount or another goodie that doesn’t cost you anything. The most important thing is that it offers value to your customer. Just like your “thank you” message, the best gift is one that’s personal and not generic. If you know your customer, choose something they would like.

Thank Angry Customers Too

Thank your customers equally and fairly, even the ones who are angry or give you a great deal of trouble. In fact, thanking these disgruntled customers may help to turn their attitudes around and win them back over by creating powerful “wow” experiences.

Get Feedback

Use your message thanking your customer as an opportunity to open two-way communication. Along with thanking them, ask them if everything is going alright or whether they have any questions or concerns. You can get some valuable feedback and this gives you an excellent way to communicate directly with your customer.

Get Creative

Try to think of creative, outside-the-box ways to thank your customers.

A few ideas include:

  • Saying “thanks” and telling them about an informational resource that can help them solve a common problem or a problem you know they’re facing
  • Sharing valuable information with them, such as statistics or a special tool that can help them
  • Inviting your customer to an industry event or other event that might be valuable to them
  • Offering a surprise service upgrade if you offer services
  • Thanking your customer publicly on social media, or in your blog or newsletter

The most important thing is to make your “thank you” all about the customer. Make it as personalized as possible and be sincere.

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