Project Recovery


Did you know that approx. 72% of all projects fail or go off course, only 25% of these projects ever recover.
Would you like to have a far better recovery rate statistics, say over 95% of the troubled projects recover?

The key to recover failing projects firstly is to not panic, assess the situation, decide on actions and execute. Most importantly, do not start to play mind games like blame, internal politics, and so forth. In most cases when you engage an external consultant (or even a team) to recover your project(s), organisations are more likely to accept feedback and remedial actions. Reason being, the consultant is not part of any potential politics. (S)he is not biased towards any power-play that might take place.

rescue ring recoverOur simple methodology for recovery of projects is effective. Within a short period of time the problems are identified and addressed together with management and/or project sponsor.

Our 3-Step Project Reboot method can you help you evaluate the gaps in your project approach, methods, processes, people, vendors, project management, and missed opportunities. We make it easy to recover, fast.


Simple 3-Step Project Reboot Method for Recovery

Recovery Step 1 – Assessment

This first step includes the following activities:

  • Project team interview and review;
  • Project team structure, competences and skills evaluation;
  • Review of company best practices in relation to project;
  • Review of project objectives, scope and plans;
  • Review of project delivery approach, methods, processes and tools;
  • Review of project problems and categorisation of what is going well and what is not working well.

Recovery Step 2 – Develop:

Following the assessment, this second step includes:

  • Evaluation of business / project approach and an evaluation of whether the defined project approach is structured to take advantage of current and future capabilities;
  • Identifications of gaps in the competencies, roles and responsibilities within your project, deliverables and quality;
  • Gap summary with ranked problem and risk areas;
  • Development of the Project recovery plan, using our approach to successful projects together with with team and management.

Recovery Step 3 – Implement:

The final third step includes:

  • Executive presentation and recommendation of next steps;
  • Approval of recovery plan;
  • Implementation of recovery plan.

You can count on us

We’re here to help. Count on us for an honest, unbiased and reliable appraisal of your project documentation and current project status, as well as a truthful recommendation for saving the project.

To get the most accurate review, be sure to:

  • Provide us with a copy of your project documentation
  • Give us access to all project stakeholders
  • Share with us any concerns with regards to the project, as well as your organisation’s strategies and vision.

From there, we can give you an idea of how we can help: recovery and development, or additional technical oversight to assist you in the completion of your project, and so forth.

When you are ready, contact us for an initial discussion.