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In life and in business, things are getting done somehow. With the right amount of planning, execution will be easier and success is pre-programmed.


Nothing gets done without action. We assist and hold our clients accountable for actioning what we have planned together.


We are not robots. Besides the work we do, we do need to have time to live. Best way to do that is to establish a successful Work-Life-Balance.

Featured Courses

    Extraordinary Goal Setting

    Extraordinary Goal Setting

    8 November 2019 / No Comments

    Goal setting helps people to identify what they want to achieve in their professional and/or personal life. This is a fun course to start getting you to where you want to be.

    • User Avatar Teacher Bodo
    • 255 Students
    Get More Done With Trello

    Get More Done With Trello

    3 November 2020 / No Comments

    Do you have goals and ambitions for your business you want to achieve in the coming days or months? I’m sure you do and you’re looking for solutions that will help you achieve this faster without much headaches. You need a structure. You need something that will gather all your thoughts, ideas, projects, people and…

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    Leadership and Management – Essentials

    Leadership and Management – Essentials

    7 January 2021 / No Comments

    This course presents you with the essentials on what is required of modern managers and team leads. Topics of this course are: Characteristics of a true leader The Laws of Leadership Mindful Leadership Emotional Intelligent Leaders How to become an Emotional Intelligent Leader Leadership Styles Mindset of an innovative Leader Communication Skills of Leaders Culture…

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    Productive Time Management – Online

    Productive Time Management – Online

    28 July 2020 / No Comments

    A complete productivity and time management online course designed to help you reduce your overwhelm and increase your results.

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    • 0 Students
    Small Business Coaching Program

    Small Business Coaching Program

    16 November 2020 / No Comments

    What Can Business Coaching Do For You? Professional athletes or sporting teams engage a coach to reach their full potential. You are a business owner who wants to be successful, don’t you think a business coach would be a great idea? What are the 3 biggest challenges that are holding you back in your business?…

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    • 25 Students


We help people who want to make big changes in their life or who want to achieve massive results. As professional coaches, we would love you to join us on your journey to success! Regardless of whether these changes or results are personal or business achievements, we are here for you!

First of all we help our clients to PLAN their goals and achievements, then break down their goals into simple action steps that are easy to follow.

As part of the plan, we will keep our clients on track and keep an eye out for any potential obstacles that could get into the way so they DO execute what they have planned.

With our PLAN.DO.LIVE concept, we are certain that everyone can achieve a successful WORK-LIFE-BALANCE. Words such as stress, panic, procrastination will be thrown into the history bucket, whereas success, living the dream, inspiration, passion will be commonly used phrases in your daily life!


Working With Us

There are three options how you can work with us. In our Discovery Session we will discuss a workable model for your specific requirements.

If you prefer the Done-For-You Model, we come in as consultants and get your business transformed. We do all the work for you getting strategies implemented and your business projects delivered. This model requires a limited involvement by the business owner.

In many cases we suggest a Done-With-You Model where we work together and take everyone along the journey of growth and change for the better. This model shares the responsibilities of executing action plans based on the strategies and projects to be implemented and delivered.

Some business owners prefer the DIY Approach – doing it by themselves. We will stand by your side and assist, coach and mentor you. Business Owners will do all the work and based on their priorities, plans and productivity, the implementation of strategies and delivery of projects will take longer than in a shared model.

In all cases, we will be having your back and assist & guide you along the journey:  

Your Success Is Our Success!

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