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Are Your Projects Running Well Or In Trouble?project health check

Project Health Checks are reflective learning exercises, more a snapshot of the status of a project (or programme) that identifies what is going well and where areas of improvements are. The purpose of Health Checks & Assurance is to gain an independent assessment of how well the project or programme is performing in accordance with its objective and how well it adheres to organisational processes and standards.

Project managers, sponsors and the project team usually are very involved in the day-to-day activities that they can fail to recognise that there is a problem. Project Health and Assurance checkpoints quickly and objectively identify project and programme problems.

Why Use Health Checks?

Earlier detection of project issues result in increased project success rates and therefore a better return on investment. It is well known that in most business arenas, the cost of correcting an issue is many times the cost of preventing it. Looming problems can go undetected or be ignored because the project team has faith that if they just follow the plan the benefits will materialise. At an enterprise level, conducting checks on a sample of projects enables common issues and non-compliance to be captured and resolved in a cost-effective way and applied to future projects.

Who Should Conduct Project Health Checks?

A Project Health Check gives an objective view of where the project is going wrong without any arguments or finger-pointing or can simply provide peace of mind for executives by adding rigour to high risk initiatives. Therefore checks are best undertaken by independent assessors – free from internal politics – who can provide a balanced view. Recommendations of independent assessors are more likely to be accepted and acted upon.

When Should You Do Health Checks?

There are two ways you can approach project the checks:

  • Perform when the project is in trouble to identify what needs to be fixed.
  • As part of the planned project review process to identify problems before they occur. Proactive checks ensure the project begins and runs as efficiently as possible, but a reactive check can set an over-budget or late project back on track.

What Will You Gain?

Our diagnosis report will provide actionable feedback for peace of mind or improvement before a situation gets out of hand. By completing health checks you are able to capture and resolve issues and non-compliances in a cost effective way which can be applied to future projects.

An objective Project Health Check could prove invaluable as the cost of fixing a problem exceeds the cost of preventing it.

This is what you get:

  • A confidential and private diagnostic session via telephone of 1.5 hours in duration where we review 8 critical focus areas for successful project delivery.
  • An offline review of project documentation assessing compliance with best practices and standards within the 8 critical focus areas.
  • A Diagnostic Summary Report with:
    • Graphical representation of the diagnostic results
    • Immediate visibility of areas that will improve through focus and attention
    • Key insights derived through this session
    • The basis from which an action plan for improvement can be developed
    • Summary of recommendations and suggested next steps
  • A free copy of our Project Go Live Checklist

The Project Health Check Session delivers immediate tangible value to your projects and organisation.