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Bronze Level (Trial for 3 months)

Silver Level (Entry level for 6 months)

Gold Level (9 months power performance)

Platinum Level (12 months peak performance and Work-Life Balance)

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What Can Business Coaching Do For You?

Professional athletes or sporting teams engage a coach to reach their full potential. You are a business owner who wants to be successful, don’t you think a business coach would be a great idea?

What are the 3 biggest challenges that are holding you back in your business?

Imagine you have someone assisting you with those hurdles, reviewing and setting new goals after devising strategies, getting you focused on what is important and holding you accoutable, you will master those 3 big challenges successfully.

What do you want your business look like in 12 month time? It will be Next Level!

Project Reboot’s Membership includes various courses and programs that will help you reach your goals faster and with less risk of failing than struggling through business yourself playing the expensive ‘trial and error’ game.
We will help you to reach your goals and then reap the rewards.

You won’t gamble with your business decisions anymore!

You may have wondered why some businesses limp along from day to day, while others grow into substantial and very profitable operations.
Business Success is planned and not a surprise!

We work with managers and owners of small and medium businesses to get great results. With our PLAN.DO.LIVE blueprint, we will get you from good to great!

Our membership programs are one of a kind, and in our eyes the most efficient, professional and affordable way to improve your business and personal effectiveness; simply spoken: you will improve your life and business and get results.

What is included in the membership?

Bronze Level Membership:

This trial membership has a duration of 3 months and will give you:

– A Strategic Business Plan on a Page comprising of Values, Vision, Long-term Targets, Short-term Goals, Performance Indicators and Focus Areas

– Annual Plan with Quarterly Milestones for up to 5 focus areas

– Quarterly Action Plan with weekly tasks

– Clarity on where you and your business are heading

– Clear strategies to implement that supports your vision

– Weekly or fortnightly One-on-One Accountability Sessions face-to-face or online for the duration of the membership

Silver Level Membership:

All services of Bronze Level Membership

Duration: 6 months

Time Management Course

Extraordinary Goal Setting Course

Tools to boost your business effectiveness


Gold Level Membership:

All services of the Silver Level membership

Duration: 9 months

Tools for your personal Effectiveness


Platinum Level Membership:

This Top Level Membership Program includes all services of the Gold Level Membership program.

Duration: 12 months

Platinum Level also delivers our Small Business Coaching program which provides the guidance as well as the tools to help you to build a successful business aiming towards a successful work-life balance. It includes:

  1. Diagnostics:
    There is a No ‘cookie cutter’ approach with Project Reboot ever – we want to get to know you first. Our professional business coaching program is tailored to your needs, yet supported by templates that look generic as they support the coaching process. After our intake questions, we will be working with you and your business to address specific questions and issues.
  2. Business Effectiveness:
    Making your business more effective is part of this section. Our repertoire of 13 tools will help you to establish your vision, goals and action plan:

    1. Business Mission and Vision
    2. Reviewing the Current Situation
    3. Business Goal-Setting and Tracking
    4. Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  3. Personal Effectiveness:
    The business part is incomplete without you, the business owner, the manager, the Director, the driver of the vision and mission accomplishment. Personal effectiveness goes hand-in-hand with the business side. in this section we will use tools for improving:

    1. Personal Productivity, Priority and Time Management
    2. Personal Effectiveness
    3. Life Balance and Energy
  4. Online Coaching Sessions:
    The tools are great, but it is all just fluff unless they are being worked through and filled with ‘life’. That is why this program includes weekly online coaching sessions, so we can go through your questions, discuss how you can apply what you have learned so far.
  5. Online Network of Business Owners:
    Because one person cannot know everything, our Small Business Coaching Program offers a community of small business owners, who share their information and help each other.
    You will have access to our recommended professional service providers (ie: web development, graphic design, e-marketing & social media, bookkeeping, virtual assistants, accounting, tax, legal, merchandising, etc). These are companies we have worked with and have received excellent services. Please note, that this does not restrict you from looking elsewhere for your specific needs. Also, we will disclose, if at any point, we might be rewarded for recommending their services.


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