Kickstart your New Year for a successful 2021


2020 has gone, and many people are just happy that it is gone given the bushfires and the pandemic being major disruptions of life as we know it. We at Project Reboot are wishing you a successful 2021 and all the best to you and your loved ones. Let’s kickstart the New Year and make it the Best Year ever.

As usual, each and every year just around Christmas and New Year time people do reflect on what they have achieved and how they could kickstart the new year. Most of us are working on our New Year Resolutions. History shows that New Year Resolutions have the highest failing rates. Think about your New Year Resolution when the month is called March or May… New Year is far distant memory as many other things have happened that crossed your mind and memory.

Now, I do review my year around this time, too, and then think about what I would like to kickstart the year and even what I want to achieve throughout the year. By default, I don’t call them New Year Resolutions because they only seem to be valid on New Year’s Day. And therefore I would have to wait for New Year each and every time. That would not work with me for sure.


I like to set goals and then take pride in achieving them. This is my Planning activity for the New Year. For me this is a bit more than ticking things of a To-Do list, yet it just explains it the simple way. You can imagine that the harder the goals are, the better the feeling of achievement is. And every year you’d like to end on a high note, on reflecting on your achievements. It makes you feel good and gives you another Kick-Start for the new year. My PLANning activity doesn’t end here. While I am DOing what I have planned, I need to re-plan, as things change – we all have experienced this last year. One thing most people forget to plan is the time to LIVE. Goals – in my opinion – should encompass all facets of your life – just like in the exercise ‘Wheel Of Life‘ – where you determine on a high level where you are in certain aspects of your life, and where you want to be.

Personal and business goals are related in my opinion. When you had a great day at the office, you go home happy and the rest of the day will turn out well. If you have a bad morning at home, the day at the office may turn out the same.

How can you kickstart 2021?

Let me introduce you to 3 simple things that will reflect on your personal and business life.

  1. Write a mission statement.

A mission statement for the year outlines what you are passionate about, what your values are that you live against.

My mission statement for 2021 is:  Everyday is a present, where I will have fun – seriously. Good days are when I have accomplished something, and even when a day turns out to be bad, I will have made progress and learned something new. The meaning of it is simple: I appreciate everything!

  1. Create an Environment fostering your Success.

De-clutter your environment. Remove everything that does not support you in your goals. Focus on what is important to reach your goals, to accomplish tasks, remove distractions.

Some tasks that come to my mind:

  • Clean out your desk of those old pens that don’t write;
  • Either file that paper pile on your desk or throw it away, if it’s not important;
  • Clean out your messy wardrobe at home.

Make room for the good vibes of 2021, otherwise they can’t get in. And don’t let social media get in the way of doing something supporting your goals. For this year I also made it a goal to say ‘No’ many more times, especially when you are being obliged to go to gatherings for the sake of showing off what one has got. A successful get together is when you are having meaningful conversations without being in a competition of who is better than the other due location, materialistic possessions, etc. This year I want to be inspired by and continue inspiring people, helping people to become more successful in their life and businesses.

  1. Be of Value and Produce Value Everyday.

If you sow, you will reap. Treat people around you the way you want to be treated yourself – in your personal life and in business. If you help others and do something nice for them in the first place, rest assured this will come back to you multiplied. Pay someone a compliment, follow up on a question someone asked you at work, shout that coffee for your colleague / friend, listen to their stories and spend quality time. This way you kickstart their success and in return they will kickstart yours.

Business is usually about high-touch/ high-trust relationships. In this age where we are so easily distracted through various channels, so it’s especially easy to forget that. People do business with people they trust and people who make them feel special. Perhaps make it a habit to reach out to three possible or current customers every day. And just don’t put an emphasis on asking whether you’ll get that purchase order, whether you’ll be making that deal; this is about adding value and fostering a relationship. The more people you help, the more profits you’ll see. Send them an article relevant to them. Connect them with a business opportunity – even though you might not get anything out of it right now. Relationship building means that you do something to help them close in on their goals or dreams. In return they will soon help you closing in on yours.

Kickstart Through Emotions

The most important thing is that you yourself should be and act as if you were already in a happy place each and every day. Imagine you are at that point where you have achieved your biggest goal, you have reached that ‘destination’, the place you feel destined to go to for your success. Feel it, smell it, see it, hear it, taste it in your mind. Maybe prepare a vision board for your short and long term goals and reflect on it every morning. Your subconscious mind will already start working on it, so you will focus on getting there and being there.


Take action ButtonYour Next Step

Our team at Project Reboot would love to help you on your journey to success and kickstart your 2021. If you would like to get more information or have a non-obligatory chat about how to set goals and how to accomplish them, how to control your thoughts to always be at that happy place, how to keep at it, what would be the best goals for you, and so forth, contact us.

Our post on ‘Your Self Development Plan‘ shows you how to expand from your mission to achievement and success.

As a bonus we would like you to take action and download our free Action Plan Workbook for achieving a successful Work-Life Balance. It’s free and gives you the competitive advantage over others who seem to struggle each and every day by being busy and not achieving, by working long hours and missing out on life. With the right goals and action plan, you will become that superstar! Your journey starts with this action plan.

The New Year has already begun!

Kickstart Now!

You deserve a successful life!