What Motivates You? 3 Steps To True Motivation

All of us have some form of motivation and it varies per person. There are simple things that could motivate us like buying a really nice pair of shoes, shopping, or simply having some free time. No matter what it is that motivates you, there are certain things that keeps us in this motivated state.

motivationCheck out the key factors to motivation:


If you can think it, it can be done. Imagination is our limitless resource of information. It is what drives people to come up of new things to make life better. It is also the starting point for motivation. Imagining how things will begin, the series of coordinated events, and the desired outcomes will most likely fuel anyone’s intentions. On the other hand, there is one twist to this though. You should never think of negative through or contradictory imaginations that may result negatively. Pessimistic imagination can only do so much as bring doubt. It cannot do you any good and would not motivate you at all.

On the other hand, a healthy dose of realizing consequences can be helpful. Just don’t bring it to the point that would compromise your entire motivational plot. Think positive and imagine greater thing that will fire up your mood and motivate yourself.

Reenacting Your Imagination

The next step after your thinking of the perfect plot to motivate yourself is to live your imagination in the real world. It may sound a bit absurd but it is how things around us and brought to life. Conceptualization is key to building and building is key to completion of concepts. To make it simple, a thought will remain a thought if you don’t do anything to make it real. Once you decide to live your imaginations then you will achieve your goals and your motivation plot has reached success.

Making Motivation a Habit

Until the very last ounce of life that we breathe, there is hope of achieving great things. Although you have reached some of your goals, that does not mean that your life is already complete and you do not have any need for motivation. Keep in mind that without motivation, you wouldn’t get nowhere without dumb luck. Make motivation an everyday habit. Imagine, reimagine, and live your thoughts. Put this in a constant loop each day and you will find it easy to achieve a better life, reach new heights, and become a far better individual.


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