The Real Reasons Why You Procrastinate

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Procrastination is the thieve of time, they say. Everyone does procrastinate from time to time – and that is all OK. There are people who procrastinate more than usual – and this webinar will highlight why and what to do about it.

If you have been putting things off for quite some time and wonder where the time has gone, then you might be someone who procrastinates perhaps on a daily basis.

And if you have heard a few reasons about why you are procrastinating, they might still be true, yet they would not capture the root cause for procrastination.

Learn what research found out about what you are doing while procrastinating, and where that behaviour comes from.

Learn what to do to become more efficient, to stop procrastinating, to do more, to have more and to be more.

Don’t put off hearing a 30 minute presentation by our Mindset Rebooter, Bodo Frost, who has been turning his life as a procrastinator around with proven methods. His clients have attested that by engaging him their revenue has grown 4 times. He has been helping clients to become more efficient and productive over the past 30 years. If you want to become a success story, invest a little time in yourself and sign up to this 30 minute webinar.

Take away simple strategies to implement for beating procrastination.

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  • The real reason why you procrastinate
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About the Instructor

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For over 30 years Bodo has worked in various industries where project outcomes depended on various complementary skills such as time management, goals & objectives, resilience, emotional intelligence, on productivity, amongst other skills. His experience has included working with people and teams from various backgrounds and most issues faced across industry sectors were related to inadequate use of and the lack of required skills.

Bodo has been training and educating people from all walks of life in managing projects, becoming more effective and productive, building high performing teams, being more resilient, having more success and establishing and living a successful work-life balance. He has been facilitating trainings since 1998 with great passion always delivering informative, interesting, interactive, engaging, enjoyable and relatable courses.

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30 minute presentation

Actionable tips how to stop procrastinating