5 Steps to Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviours


Educational eBook on Self-Defeating Behaviours (SDB)

Includes 5 Steps to follow overcoming SDB



People say that you have what it takes, that you’ve got the brains, the looks, the skill and all the ingredients you need to be successful at what you do. We are, in the end a sum of all our experiences and when we grow, certain behaviours develop. So it is expected that we react to each situation in a unique way because we are unique individuals. Our reactions are more automatic reaction to certain stimuli steered and controlled by our subconscious mind. When these reactions are overwhelmingly negative, we call them self-defeating behaviours or SDB.

This eBook is designed to helping you to understand SDB, and provides 5 steps to overcome SDB.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to Self-Defeating Behaviours

Origins of Self-Defeating Behaviours

Step 1: Identifying the Self-Defeating Behaviour

Step 2: Facing The Consequences

Step 3: You Need To Understand The Origin of it All

Step 4: Understanding Your Unfulfilled Needs

Step 5: Overcoming your Self-Defeating Behaviour

The Big Change

Moving Forward


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